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    Total Time
    8hrs 25mins
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This traditional Christmas drink is best served chilled and garnished with freshly grated nutmeg. It can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days.

recipe updated Oct 12, 2023


  • Milk icon
    350 ml
  • Double cream icon
    Double cream
    120 ml
  • Cinnamon stick icon
    Cinnamon stick
  • Vanilla seeds & pod icon
    Vanilla seeds & pod
  • Nutmeg icon
    ½ teaspoon
  • Egg yolk icon
    Egg yolk
  • Granulated sugar icon
    Granulated sugar
    70 g
  • Dark rum icon
    Dark rum
    90 ml


  • kCook icon kCook Multi
  • kCook icon Jug
  • kCook icon Kcook bowl

Step preview

  1. Fit stir tool to kCook bowl
  2. Add milk, double cream, cinnamon stick, vanilla seeds & pod and nutmeg to the kCook bowl
  3. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  4. Attach lid to kCook bowl
  5. Heat with filler cap removed - 98°C, speed 3
  6. Stir with filler cap removed - 20 min, speed 4
  7. Strain content of kCook bowl into jug and reserve liquid
  8. Clean kCook bowl
  9. Fit whisk tool to kCook bowl
  10. Add egg yolk and granulated sugar to the kCook bowl
  11. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  12. Attach lid to kCook bowl with filler cap fitted
  13. Whisk with filler cap fitted - 1 min, speed 6
  14. Whisk with filler cap removed and continue - 1 min, speed 6
  15. Pour milk mixture into kCook bowl while machine is running
  16. Add dark rum to the kCook bowl
  17. Whisk with filler cap fitted - 1 min, speed 6
  18. Transfer content of kCook bowl to jug
  19. Chill overnight in fridge
  20. Serve
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